Cherating and its stories..

Well I would say that it is my time to tell all of you about Cherating. I'm quite sure that most of us have been to Cherating. So, let me tell you in brief about Cherating. Cherating is a famous beach town in Pahang, Malaysia. Cherating, located about 47 km north of Kuantan, is famed as the location of Asia’s first Club Mediterranee ("Club Med"). Located in the Club Med village is also one of the best lagoons in the area, where coupled with the golden soft sandy beach,the calm waters make you want to take a dip in the sea, and then just laze and laze on and on under the sun.

view from Club Med houz

Before this, I only went there by myself and spent my night doing barbeque and chatting all over the night till morning. But this time,I will turn my back to my ordinary activities there. Ok, there are a number of fun activities to do in Cherating including batik painting, where you can paint and design your own print on t-shirts, sarongs and scarves. Cherating also houses a cultural village which was called Kampung Budaya Cherating and a turtle sanctuary. At the turtle sanctuary, you can learn about the life cycle of turtles for free. The turtles lay their eggs between July and August, so if you're lucky, you might witness the turtles lay their eggs!

flyer by trippin'andhoppin'

Besides all those activities, I can't put away the other water activities which are terrific and creating adrenaline rush into your bloodstreams!! They are jet skiing, wind surfing, water scooter, body board, beach volleyball and canoeing. There are a lot of hotels and chalets and also residential houses to be rented to tourist so, make urself comfortable.

beach volleyball hell yeah!!

Map to Cherating:-

map from google

List of resorts,hotels and chalets:-

Finally would to say, let the splendour of Cherating immersed to yourself!!

It's All About Tasik Kenyir..

A simple introduction about Tasik Kenyir is, the largest man-made lake in South East Asia. It was constructed between 1978 and 1985. Sultan Mahmud Hydro Electric Power Plant., built in 1985 for generating electricity, this dam holds approximately 23.6 million cubic meters of water and occupies 38000 hectares. By reading the fact,, it really amaze me... There are also 340 islands, 30 rivers and 25 waterfalls... It's really sound awesome to me.... To get there we should go to Pengkalan Gawi which is the gateway to Kenyir...

There are a lot of activity we can do there... There is the national park where we can see flora and fauna and also camping there.... other than that there are also Herbs Garden which could provide some excitement to us... the waterfalls there are also beautifull exspecially the lasir waterfall which illustrated below...

Activities that we could do there are,, the most famous one.. FISHING... I am sure u guys like this activity... We shall folow local angling club which is quiet affordable.... other than that we also can go swimming, canoeing and rafting... we shall have fun there... About the accomodation... we should consider first, wheteher we would like to stay in a chalet or boat house or we should just camping there... it should be depends on our budget... to be here.. we can board bus from Kuala Lumpur direct to Tasik kenyir.. about tranportation there should be no problems at all... next post will be about Pantai Cherating which will bw made by APPle Damien.... Hopefully this information could help u to choose the right place we should go.... More information will be provided if Tasik Kenyir is our choices destination...

Our First Activity

Ok now... let get it start it... We will now plan on our very first trip which may be carried out at the end of the year... this is our main event in the year 2009... we will also carried smaller activities but this is the major one.... we need suggestion where we should go... at the first place we would like to have a short hoilday in some of beautiful island in Malaysia but unfortunately, regarding the moonson season take place at the end of the year,, we used plan B... ok these are some suggested place... the description of the places will be made soon.. but it is better if there is some suggestion that might be helping us in making decision... we will also made voting on where we should go...

The first suggested place is Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu... Sound interesting to me.... Above is a screen shot of Tasik Kenyir....

The second choice is Pantai Cherating situated in pahang... Club Med pun ade..xD

Next is Teluk Batik... i'm nat sure how it is... gonna find some information about it...xD

Thinking Of Joining Us

Do u feel outrageous about our idea... If u are a traveholic and adventerous person...what r u waiting for... join us now... tell us ur intention... u may contribure a lot in our activity... we are going to plan several activity through out this year... i bet u will regret when u missed it... get out of ur boring and hectic life... find something new.... be another side of u.... if u would like to join us... just email us at or just leave a comment in the shout out box...

We look forward for any new member exspecially the experimet5... we will have fun just like this girl...xD

The Influence

Now le get it start... How we get the idea to be a traveller an hoppers.... There is a biggest influence that made us like this : outrageous and hyper-active...xD This is our first officially post in this blog... In our first post, we want to give a simple vitae oabout us... in this very first publish is about things that influence us to be a traveller... a lot of things actually stucked on our mind... we already have the passion.. What else what we need is an exemplry action... One of the biggest influence is a television show named THE HOPPERS AND AHLI MUZIk... It really broaden our mind and change our paradigm.... I am sure that u had watched that show before..... The second biggest influence is also a television show called DESTINASI BAJET.... That is how we are started... There are more to come from us... We will back shortly with a description of our latest touring plan... just stick with us....

About Us

Trippin and hopping is a site created by us, the travel lover to dedicate ou passion towards tripping and hopping. We start as a group of adventurous and outrageous peoples that applied this site as a medium for sharing our experience, thought and activities that we would carry on.... What can we say.. life is short, live it to the fullest... Any outrageous person outhere, just like us, join us for a whole new experience...




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